The best and most economical time to install solar panels is when you are installing a new roof


We are a Florida based state licensed construction, roofing and solar company. Our specialty is building photovoltaic and  solar thermal roofs. We blend new solar technologies with traditional roofing materials. Our team of professionals design the solar with the roof so it doesn’t look like an afterthought making the solar roof more architecturally appealing. We will convert your property into a power producer and not just a power consumer. Building Unlimited Roofing and Solar Inc. is devoted to the fabrication of highly efficient long lasting solar systems to customers pursuing green lifestyles and energy efficiency. We install our solar roofs anywhere in Florida. With our company you will find a partner committed to providing a long lasting quality solar roof system.

We specialize in designing and installing solar systems on all kinds of roofs:      

Tile, Flat, Metal, Asphalt Shingle.

Because we do the roof and the solar panels together we can charge less than our competitors. Contact us today and compare


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CCC 1329420 Roofing Contractor • CVC 58646 Solar Contractor • CGC 055901 General Contractor

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Building Unlimited Roofing and Solar Inc.


Email: kmartin@solarinroof.com

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